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Dec 9, 2003
Welcome and Enjoy

This is my first blog entry... i guess thats what it's called, so welcome...lol:) On this site you (the viewer) will learn a little bit about the things that are taking place in my life. I will try and update this thing daily, if not daily hopefully at least weekly unless i am traveling (i seem to have done quite a bit of that this year). I am at present a 20 year old female living in the great hell hole also referred to as Idaho.
I have lived here approximately for about 6 years (time sure does fly), I love my friends here to pieces adn wouldnt trade em for anything... just cant stand idaho... too small, nothing to do, you know exactly like one not from idaho would imagine it to be:) Even though i hated Pennsylvania when i lived there, i do miss it. I miss civilization, guys who arent cowboys, people who drive vehicles other than pick-up trucks, malls galore, as opposed to the farm land i have lived near... haha its bad when ur highschool is located right next to a cow farm.
Although idaho ahs taught me several things... trucks are (semi's) not pick-up trucks, there is a difference between a beef cow and a dairy cow, not every farm here is a potatoe farm, among other things i wont bore u with.
Currently I am enrolled at Treasure Valley Community College (aka: chuckar u. or hell either work), though on thursday i am registering at boise state university for spring semester. I am a repeat freshmen as my first year i found partying with my roomate and her friends much more fun than going to class like i should have. As a result i got academically dismissed from boise state for a year. During that time i lived in Key Largo, FL. That was not a bad experience, it was actually quite pleasant, but i realized the rhetoric of being a grocery store bookkeeper was not for me. So i returned to hell and enrolled at TVCC... i honestly hate this school to no end, the only good thing about it is my psychology teacher. Shes a very good teacher and honestly cares about her students. But on a more positive note i am gonna get outta here this semester passing all my classes (2A's and 2B's), so that will be a good thing.
Right now music is my obsession!I relate everything to songs or lyrics from songs. Alot of people believe that the lyrics are jsut lyrics to fit a certain beat, i on the other hand believe that lyrics are a look at the soul and life of the artist, i seriously doubt they would ahve taken the time to write or learn the song, make it sound the way they wanted and everything if it meant nothing to them...at the moment i am really into rap, punk, trance, rock, indie, and some pop... some....but as a whole i listen to everything.... in my cd collection i ahve jsut about everything but polka... classical is good to calm you or to relax to... i have learned that over the years. So yeah thats that!
What i like to do lets see... well if this had been 2 years ago when i was a freshmen straight outta college at bsu my answer would have been the typical: party, drink, clubbin, listen to music, chill with friends... etc., but that was 2 years ago. I love to dance, id say i love to go clubbing but honestly i havent been in 2 years... partying and drinkin go hand in hand- i could ahve described myself as an alcoholic 2 years ago there wasnt a night i didnt drink unless i was stuck going home to see my mom and sisters-ha ive even still be hung over sometimes when my mom would pick me up and i thought i was cool because she didnt know-i was a fool-yes i like alcohol-yes i like to drink and party and all that but i have chosen to remain sober now since may 2002 and plan to stay that way until i am legal- not worth the risk anymore now that i am this close...as for chillin with friend and music... those are always faves. i dont really do much for fun right now otehr than those and go shopping because i am trying to keep my grades up.
Every time i make an entry i will include a song that fits my life at that moment in time and either a poem or a quote i like...
Tonights are:
"The Voice Within" by Miss Christina Aguilera
Quote>  War is simply a reversal of civilized life. ~George Orwell
Have a splendid night and i look forward to ur comments and suggestions on how i am doing and what i need to fix or need more of:)

Posted at 11:50 pm by desolate_angel
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